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As a passionate and detail-oriented research and evaluation professional, I enjoy approaching complex projects with a holistic approach. A large part of my success while working with others stems from my ability to cultivate an intuitive understanding of their needs, and spearhead the project from that point forward. Mapping out research or evaluation using specific and measurable goals and objectives, defined indicators, and a detailed data collection and analysis plan sets any project up for success. Have a look at the work I’ve done in the past and get in touch to learn more.

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Understanding Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Among Kansas Youth

This summary report includes a descriptive illustration of how LGBTQ+ students responded to behavioral health and other questions compared to students who reported they are straight or cisgender, respectively. Data are presented only at the state level and will not be disaggregated at a local level in adherence to established standards to protect student privacy.


This collaborative project with the LTI team at Greenbush was funded by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS).


Serving a Diverse Audience Training Workshop

This project is the culmination of I/O psychology research related to training. After conducting a needs assessment, it was determined that there was a disconnect between staff, volunteers, and the diverse visitors that the organization serves. This workshop trains staff and volunteers on diverse and underrepresented audiences. Participants learn strategies to help communicate, interact, and engage with diverse and underrepresented audiences through exploration, Socratic dialogue, lecture, hands-on activities, and role-play. Participants work together to determine unique ways to apply their learning with their organizational audience.

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Students in a Science Class

Discovery Lab's Accessible Discovery Program: A Summative Evaluation

This study summarizes the impact the Accessible Discovery program on the student participants’ attitudes and interests about STEM learning and STEM careers. It incorporates teacher surveys, student pre and post assessment survey responses, and a repeated measures design to determine change in student attitudes and feelings towards STEM after experiencing the Accessible Discovery program. Teacher survey responses were also included to account for extraneous variables. Data analysis of the survey results was conducted by using data exploration and descriptive statistics to determine the aggregated results of the surveys. The report includes background, methodology, qualitative analysis, findings, conclusions, and sample survey.


Autism and Museums: A Front-End Evaluation

For this study, I conducted interviews with stakeholders in the Autism spectrum community. Research questions included how they, or those related to them, uniquely learn, what keeps them engaged, and examples of experiences they have had in specific learning settings. I used the qualitative analysis to inform recommendations for a more inclusive design of museum galleries and programs. This report discusses the background, methodology, findings and analysis, and recommendations for museums.

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The Pencil Box: Report of Impact on Students and Teachers

This qualitative study summarized the impact of the Pencil Box program on the students and teachers that it serves. The report includes background and review of literature, methodology, qualitative analysis, findings, and conclusions.

This was a collaborative project with a qualitative research team at the University of Tulsa.


The Kravis Discovery Center: The Gift of an Insight Evaluation

This project is an evaluation of Gilcrease Museum's enhanced Kravis Discovery Center to benchmark success and to discover further opportunities.  It includes background, methodology, qualitative analysis, findings, recommendations, and conclusions.

This was a collaborative project with a research team at the University of Tulsa.

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